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Dating apps and websites are amazing things. We’ve all heard about how much a phone’s camera can improve your photography. We’ve seen how sharing only a picture with a potential mate can give a person a much more accurate idea of your looks. We’ve also all heard about how dating apps are changing the game completely. They have totally disrupted the landscape of finding a mate. As a result, we have data and research to back up all of this. But what do the numbers say about online dating? Is it really the best way to get the date of your life? Or is it just a fun way to find people who don’t know you and, because of your good looks or cash, have fun doing stuff together? We think it’s a little of both. They really are great for casual dating, and if you’re looking to meet someone, it’s a great way to meet someone. But for the people who are actively dating, they’re probably not the best way to find the perfect one. They’re not much help if you’re looking for that long-term commitment. We’re going to take a look at some of the statistics and give our thoughts on them.

According to one study conducted by my fellow writer Sydney Schneider, here’s what the numbers say: “A 2006 analysis of dating trends suggested a 60 percent chance of dating as opposed to a traditional approach of only 30 percent. Another analysis found there was a 50 percent success rate in online dating in 2002. The number of people who had found love online increased sixfold from 1999 to 2005, according to the latest data from the U.S. Census Bureau. Another study of users by the University of Colorado at Boulder reveals an 11.7 percent success rate for women and an 11.8 percent rate for men.”

What We Liked The idea of being on your own personal

What We Didn’t Like If you want a lifelong love that will lead to marriage and kids, online dating is probably not going to work out for you.

Gizmodo has a great guide to online dating if you want to check it out. The basic points are that online dating works for some people, and it does not work for others.

We all hear stories about how a mutual friend introduced someone to someone else. Or we’ve met someone on a blind date through a mutual friend. There are many different ways in which this happens, and we’ll get to all of them in a second.
In the olden days (pre-dating apps), girls were taught that the way to meet men was to go out a lot, then go home with the first man who paid attention to them (seriously, you can’t go wrong with the “chase and rob” method). Today’s girls are (thankfully) much more savvy and sophisticated than their mothers were, and given the fact that we’re living longer than ever before, they are willing to take a little more time, make a little more effort, and talk to a larger variety of people before they meet the man of their dreams. Here’s how to cut through the confusion, become a good conversationalist, and ultimately, be a better, more independent woman.


1. Don’t feel the need to “hook up”

Okay, the mistake a lot of girls make is that they think they have to hit on a guy the second they hit on them. Newsflash: You don’t. I don’t think it’s a terrible thing to flirt with people, but don’t force it. Noticing someone attractive and wanting to talk to them isn’t a bad thing, but don’t feel like you need to hook up with him the moment you see him.

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You might as well run the risk of saying something you regret later, or of running out of things to say because you’re so nervous you’ll say something you’ll regret later. It’s okay to make yourself available, but don’t do it like you’re going to drop to one knee and propose to him. If he’s interested, he’ll text you, or send you an e-mail, or even a real card in the mail—don’t send him a text message back immediately. It’s much easier to strike up a conversation with a girl who seems like she’s having a good time than a girl who seems stuck up and off-limits.

2. Learn to make conversation

Yes, you need to know how to make conversation with a guy you don’t know, but there are ways to make your conversational skills more graceful. Some of the most important things to do are:

a. Ask open-ended questions.

One thing you don’t want to do is try to pick a topic. Everyone knows that you can pick up a book and learn a lot about a

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