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Apr 26, 2020
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Monday, August 10, 2010

Insanely Good Books: Fifth Day of FLASH!!

*Phew* Finished reading the Flash and The Zone are in BOTH FIVE DAYS!!! GASP!

The Zone and Flash are both crazy-good. I was thrilled. There is so much action and story and… just *hiss* all around that I never want it to end. I need to know who Killian O’Conner is, what’s up with the mysterious treasure called V-TRIP, and how they’re related to each other and why, why why?

The story, characters, and dialog are all so very good. Although the ending is predictable, they used twists and turns to make the end a rush of excitement that was fun to read.

The Flash is about an ordinary teenager named Alex Wolfe who finds himself at a mysterious place called Flash Multiverse. The creator of Flash Multiverse is a small child with a body of a man. Flash takes the ordinary people of the universe and watches as they do his own brand of good deeds. Can Alex stop him?

I can’t wait for book two. Can you see it’s going to be a great one?

So remember, if you want a good read or even if you’d like to try a new author, check out Insanely Good Books and have a look at the phenomenal authors who write there.


Hi Toni! Thanks so much for the nice comments and the giveaways of both the Flash and The Zone books!Your blog is one of my favorites so I figured I’d drop by and say hello! You always have some interesting and fun topics so check it out when

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