JSON tutorial java for beginners and professionals with examples in eclipse on Basics, syntax, JSON Examples, create json object, access json object, parsing json and more. Json tutorial pdf download.

What is JSON?

JSON stands for JavaScript Object Notation.

  • It is a lightweight text-based data-interchange format.
  • It is language and platform independent.
  • It is a lightweight alternative to XML.
  • It was invented by Douglas Crockford.

Note: JSON is mainly used for storing and exchanging data. The file extension for JSON is .json and Internet Media type is application/json.

JSON example:

    {"firstName":"Sandy", "lastName":"Sethi"},
    {"firstName":"Roxy", "lastName":"Malik"},
    {"firstName":"Sunil", "lastName":"Antil"}

XML example:

< students>
    < student>
    < student>
    < student>

Difference between JSON and XML:

1. JSON doesn’t use end tag. XML uses end tag.
2. JSON can use arrays. XML can’t use arrays.
3. JSON need only a standard JavaScript function to parse. XML needs XML parser to parse.

Java JSON tutorial: