Joined Pentacostal Religious Money Fund. Denomination: United Pentacostal Church Overseas Providing circular: $35,000,000

Joined Pentacostal Religious Money Fund. Denomination: United Pentacostal Church Overseas Providing circular: $35,000,000

“The joined Pentecostal religious finance investment provides lending products doing $1,500,000.00 straight away to UPCI places of worship, ministries, and supported plans.” —learn more at

Chapel Associates Account

Denomination: Us Baptist Gathering Offering circular: $35,000,000

“Once a church needs to increase, it could rely on united states as a person in ministry. You provide financing and then united states Baptist (NAB) and like minded church buildings and ministries, in support of to the people that encounter our very own lending demands. We all can also help churches prepare and examine tasks. By working with the church’s connections, Regional Minister as well as the NAB summit office support church overall health, we establish a support organization that nurtures a church through the complete extension techniques.” —learn much more at

Florida CEF

Denomination: Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod Offering round: $25,000,000

“Texas CEF started in 1888 by using the proven fact that if Christians participated collectively, her expenditures may be regularly incorporate finance for congregations. Since that very first expense of $150 in 1888, the ministry is basically identically . . . persons and congregations buy the ceremony expansion account and CEF produces financing to church buildings. After 125 many years, God continues to be blessing the Church Extension Fund in Nevada.” —learn a whole lot more at

CRC Mortgage Fund

Denomination: Christian Reformed Church Supplying rounded: $20,000,000

“The funding Fund offers financial products to Christian Reformed Churches in the usa when it comes to acquire or production of religious business, parsonages, and terrain. Funding will be created improvements and fixes to ceremony home. Cash Advance Loans usually are made out of costs and fees which happen to be in general most favorable compared to those offered by old-fashioned lenders for example creditors and account unions.” —learn considerably at

Kansas CEF

Denomination: Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod Offering round: $12,000,000

“The Kansas District Lutheran expansion investment (ODLCEF) enjoys a rich legacy of offering financing for choosing a new quest congregations and universities throughout Iowa, Kentucky and western Virginia, strengthening fundamental activity and educational areas using inexpensive lending.

“Connecting that legacy to the age bracket with the offer, Church Extension continues to offer the demands in our missions, congregations, classes and professional ceremony staff. Chapel expansion provides a source of affordable money for getting, establishing, increasing, upgrading, and equipping services for your preaching, training and attaining of God’s content of desire and salvation.” —learn better at

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Chapel Improvement Investment

Denomination: Converge Northwest Providing circular: $10,000,000

“The religious progress account, based in Tacoma Washington, was a smart investment party focused on the affiliated churches, members and followers within your Converge NW district of Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana and Alaska.” —learn way more at

Rocky Mtn. UM Support

Denomination: Joined Methodist Church Offering spherical: $5,466,605

“The Rocky Mountain United Methodist support is looking to aid church buildings, organizations, and individuals as part of the initiatives getting devoted stewards of their financial resources. By providing lending for capital innovations, creating monetary strategies, concentrating on finances motors, and schooling contributor relating to altruistic gift ideas, the Foundation works to improve ministries of Joined Methodist Churches in your area and around the world.” —learn way more at

Northern CEF

Denomination: Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod Offering circular: $3,000,000

“Over recent years since 1888, whenever the end of year properties destroyed $86.45, the CEF has expanded to over $27,000,000 in resources as age bracket after age group of northern region Christians need used their particular dollars in many different CEF campaigns and work. The religious Extension investment has created personal loans to Congregations into the area for that purchase of homes, design of brand new centers, parsonages, and so the revive and renovation of pre-existing frameworks. CEF investments can also be found to congregations towards building of schools and child care clinics. Over ninety percent from the congregations inside the South Area need gained from a CEF loan.” —learn further at

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