Igo8.exe Free [UPDATED] 18

Igo8.exe Free [UPDATED] 18


Igo8.exe Free 18

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Jan 19, 2013
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It will show the version next to name of iGO8.exe.
One of the previous Versions is For Windows CE 5.0. So you may try to get it from there.
Please suggest me which one to get.
The link on the box has.
Igo8; Version – 8.3.19. Download from here.

i. igo8.exe free 18.
I know, I was trying to do the same thing you had done, of course.
It is not possible to install iGo8.exe on Windows CE 5.0. But there are other solutions for it.
Simple stuff.
I tried it. It is working well.

Jul 1, 2014
A user has posted a reply to a similar question.
In Win7, storage card\Program Files\ive no problem.
Feb 16, 2013
windows 7 64 bit m8 a103/m8 b200/m8 b300 i go 8 version 8.0
Sep 10, 2013
if you have a usb programmer for igo8 you can use it in your pc after the new software version.
Jan 7, 2014
on a new formatted memory card, download igoo8.exe and extract it to C:\Program Files. It works perfectly with the new firmware.
Jun 20, 2012
Search for the folder iGo8 on your SD Card. The executable should be in there.

Oct 3, 2011

1. Open C:\Program Files\iGo8\iGo8.exe and press start
2. Open C:\Program Files\iGo8\iGo8\client
3. Extract the Naviagtor file to the folder iGo8\client
4. Rename Naviagtor.exe to Naviagtor.bin and Naviagtor.dat to Naviagtor.txt
5. Open Naviagtor.exe with the editor Naviagtor.bin and copy the Naviagtor.exe and Naviagtor.txt files to your computer (you can always delete the Naviagtor.bin)
6. Right click on Naviagtor.exe > Properties > Compatibility > Install for this .
7. Click Fix. Naviagtor.exe will be saved in C:\Program Files\iGo8\client
8. The Naviagtor will load in the client!

Mar 3, 2011

1. Copy the igoo8.exe file to your PC.
2. Open the igoo8.exe file with any editor.
3. In the igoo8.exe file, you will find a line of code

replace “\\iGo8.zip” with the name of your firmware file, this is an example,

4. Save the igoo8.exe file.
5. Open Naviagtor.exe with Naviagtor.bin (not Naviagtor.txt) and click on Fix.

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