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For our solution, we are using a combination of vector models and composite models. These models are built up using geometric primitives like grids, curves, lines and surface patches. We have a triangular mesh. Changing from one type of motion to another is very easy; we simply adjust the position and orientation of the object in the XYZ space.

Benefits of the Frame-by-Frame Film Tool

Please note that the Motion Graphics / Film Industry is an emerging business and the market is evolving at a fast pace. The introduction of Xf was a huge technological breakthrough and has resulted in the creation of hundreds of new applications. However, achieving success is a slow process and is not enough to sustain a business and contribute to creating meaningful employment.1. Field of the Invention
The present invention relates to a method of manufacturing a stack of integrated circuit chips including a plurality of integrated circuit chips stacked on each other, an integrated circuit chip and a stack of integrated circuit chips, and a surface flash memory module including the stack of integrated circuit chips.
2. Description of the Background Art
A stack of integrated circuit chips can be made using TSV (through silicon via) technology.
FIG. 9 shows a basic structure of a conventional TSV module. The conventional TSV module is a surface flash memory module including a plurality of integrated circuit chips.
For example, a plurality of integrated circuit chips 3 are stacked on a substrate 2, and electrically connected to a substrate 2 through a plurality of through silicon vias 7 in such a manner that a voltage is applied to the through silicon vias 7.
In the conventional TSV module, although no problem occurs when the integrated circuit chips 3 are stacked up in an arrangement different from that shown in FIG. 9, the conventional TSV module has the following problem.
If a bent part of the stacked integrated circuit chips 3 is positioned in the through silicon vias 7 and stress is applied to the through silicon vias 7, a crack is formed in the through silicon vias 7 and the circuit function of each of the integrated circuit chips 3 deteriorates.
Since a conductive layer, which is formed in each of the through silicon vias 7 and is used for an electrical connection, is a thin layer, the stress applied to the through silicon vias 7 is amplified and tends to cause the crack.Protective effect of maternal morphine analgesia on post-partum maternal-fetal bonding and maternal behavior in the first week postpartum.

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