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Struts 2 s:sort control tag

s:sort: The s:sort tag is used to sort a List by using java.util.Comparator. Syntax: <s:sort comparator=”#comparatorName” source=”fieldName”> Example: index.jsp <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN"> <html>… Read More

Struts 2 s:generator control tag

s:generator: The s:generator tag is used to generate an iterator based on the specified value in the val attribute. Syntax: <s:generator val=”%{value}”> Example: index.jsp <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC… Read More

Struts 2 iterator control tag

s:iterator: The iterator tag is used to iterate over a value. The value can be any of the java.util.Collection or java.util.Iterator. Syntax:  <s:iterator value="fieldValue"> //do something </s:iterator><s:iterator… Read More

Struts 2 If, else if and else control tag

if-elseif-else tag: The if-elseif-else tag is used for the conditional processing i.e. a block of statements executed based on some conditions. Syntax:  <s:if test=”%{condition1}”> //block of statements… Read More
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