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Servlet context parameters and ServletContext interface

Context parameters: Context parameters refers to the initialization parameters for all servlets of an application. <context-param> attribute is used to define a context parameter. <context-param> attribute has… Read More

Servlet Init parameters and ServletConfig interface

Init parameters: Init parameters refers to the initialization parameters of a servlet or filter. <init-param> attribute is used to define a init parameter. <init-param> attribute has two… Read More

sendRedirect in servlet

sendRedirect() is the method of HttpServletResponse interface which is used to redirect response to another resource. Syntax: response. sendRedirect(relative url); Difference between sendRedirect and RequestDispatcher.              sendRedirect           RequestDispatcher… Read More

RequestDispatcher interface

RequestDispacher is an interface that provides the facility to forward a request to another resource or include the content of another resource. RequestDispacher provides a way to… Read More

load-on-startup in web.xml

load-on-startup: The load-on-startup is the sub attribute of servlet attribute in web.xml. It is used to control when the web server loads the servlet. As we discussed… Read More

welcome-file-list in web.xml

welcome-file-list: The welcome-file-list attribute of web.xml file is used to define the list of welcome files. Sample code of welcome-file-list attribute in web.xml: <web-app>   //other attributes… Read More

Deployment Descriptor: web.xml file

Deployment Descriptor: In a java web application a file named web.xml is known as deployment descriptor. It is a xml file and <web-app> is the root element… Read More

HttpServlet class in java

HttpServlet class: HttpServlet class extends the GenericServlet. It is protocol-dependent. public abstract class HttpServlet extends GenericServlet HttpServlet class is in javax.servlet.http package (javax.servlet.http.HttpServlet). Methods of HttpServlet class:… Read More

GenericServlet class in java

GenericServlet class: GenericServlet class implements the Servlet and ServletConfig interfaces. GenericServlet  is protocol-independent. It not provides the implementation of service method. public abstract class GenericServlet implements Servlet, … Read More

Servlet interface in java

Servlet interface: Servlet interface contains the common methods for all servlets i.e. provides the common behaviour for all servlets. public interface Servlet Servlet interface is in javax.servlet… Read More
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