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JSTL fn:replace() function

The JSTL fn:replace() function returns the input string by replacing all occurrence of the specified string with the given string. Syntax: String replace(String inputString, String specifiedString, String… Read More

JSTL fn:join() and fn:split() function

JSTL fn:join(): The JSTL fn:join() function concatenates the all array elements with a specified separator. Syntax: String join (String[] inputArray, String separator) JSTL fn:split(): The JSTL fn:split()… Read More

JSTL fn:containsIgnoreCase() function

The JSTL fn:containsIgnoreCase() function is used to check whether the input string contains the specified string or not by ignoring the case i.e. it is case insensitive.… Read More
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