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Hibernate criteria projections query example

Projections¬†class provides the methods to perform the operation on a particular column. Commonly used methods of Projections class: 1. Projections.rowCount: Return the total no. of rows.… Read More

Hibernate criteria pagination query example

Criteria interface provides the methods for performing pagination operations. Methods of Criteria interface used for pagination query: 1. setFirstResult(int firstResult): Set the first row of your result… Read More

Hibernate criteria ordering query example

Order class provides the methods for performing ordering operations. Methods of Order class: 1. Order.asc: To sort the records in ascending order based on the specified property.… Read More

Hibernate criteria restrictions query example

Restrictions class provides the methods to restrict the search result based on the restriction provided. Commonly used Restriction class methods: 1. Restrictions.eq: Make a restriction that the… Read More

Hibernate criteria basic query example

HCQL stands for Hibernate Criteria Query Language. HCQL is mainly used in search operations and works on filtration rules and logical conditions. Syntax: Criteria cr = session.createCriteria(persistantClassName.class);… Read More

Hibernate Criteria Query Language (HCQL)

HCQL: HCQL stands for Hibernate Criteria Query Language. As we discussed HQL provides a way of manipulating data using objects instead of database tables. Hibernate also provides… Read More

Hibernate Query Language (HQL)

HQL: HQL stands for Hibernate Query Language. HQL syntax is quite similar to SQL syntax but it performs operations on objects and properties of persistent classes instead… Read More

Hibernate Many-to-Many mapping using xml

Many-to-Many relationship in real world: Two items are said to be in Many-to-Many relationship if many occurrence of item are belong to the many occurrences of other… Read More

Hibernate Many-to-One mapping using xml

Many-to-One relationship in real world: Two items are said to be in Many-to-One relationship if one item is belong to the many occurrences of other item. E.g.… Read More
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