RAVENFIELD MOD ID – r/Ravenfield

RAVENFIELD MOD ID – r/Ravenfield

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Ravenfield Beta 5 Mods


You will not be getting mods for Ravenfield, because Ravenfield stopped supporting it. It’ll be replaced by the new game EU4.
However, you can always look at the forums or support teams for the developers of the game and ask for mods for new versions or patches of the game.

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oh my god this is amazing. I may never leave the game in legacy once I get my stuff xD.
I will be doing a rundown of all the mods in the other thread for the beta5 version of Ravenfield, since I’ve played it enough to realize and appreciate all the mods, and I will do a little preview of the tweaks, but do you want a little rundown of the mods:
Vest Buster’s Beginner’s Guide to the Making of Ravenfield:
Gunnin’ Season is a mod which, I believe, increased the damage and speed of the guns in the game.
The Wingman’s Guide To Working Your First Mods:
Hergun’s Course of mod guides which increase the rate of fire of the weapons.
My Heart in Sly’s mod guide that increases the accuracy of weapons for people who want to play a tight knit game.
Nero’s mod guides which adds more weapons and rebalances others
The Proto Remodel which is a remake of the weapons for people who want to re-balance and improve the weapons.
Project Zero’s mod which adds more vehicles and challenges to the game.
Backdooring mod which you can use to teleport and it modifies the code on the server
The Slothmen’s mod which changes the weapons and gameplay of Ravenfield.
Niners of Ravenfield:
The mod that reskinned all the maps and changed the layouts of them and added new maps and the ones that add more difficulty to the maps, making them intense.
Gameplay is good, for now at least; You have the ability to use a pair of side-scoped pistols, a semi-automatic sniper rifle, an assault rifle, and machine guns and hand grenades. The weapons have a fair amount of FPS at around 80, although we haven’t heard if there’s any optimization happening behind the scenes. We have the option to use real bullets and planks, or to use paintball


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