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Hi, I’ve got two more, one to give out now, and one yet to come. So here’s what I’m thinking: the deadline of the contest should be pushed back, but only by a week .
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test-2 full

Industrial computers (following the IBM name) are typically organized into a number of functional groups:
Agilent License Manuals
Indra series TEST-2 full

On the other hand, a TMUX session requires only a TTY device (such as a login shell), but not any special hardware:
(from the manual for zsh:)
5.1 The TTY Hierarchy

A device is either a terminal (a display device), a window
(a terminal emulator or shell), or a pty (an interactive
device). A device is controlled by a terminal in the following manner:
The driver of the terminal sends signals to the terminal,
to control the display and keyboard that it is connected to;
it also sends signals to the terminal emulator, telling the
terminal emulator to transmit characters to the output

TTYs are granted and cancelled, or disowned. For example, when a login shell is TTYd, it is granted a TTY and any TTYs that are
already allocated for that terminal emulator (on the server) are
cancelled. If the login shell becomes a window, the TTY it is
granted is that of the window it becomes, and the allocated TTYs
remain unchanged.

The TTY hierarchy is relaxed to allow a host to have a TTY
allocation for a terminal emulator that is not associated with a
login shell or a window.

There are three different methods that can be used to make a session TTY:

a. Resources. rdpinstall.

This method can be used on a machine with network access. The
target machine must be installed with an RDP client version
earlier than 3.0. Please refer to the Software Requirements
section of this page. In order to install an RDP client, you will
need to be in an elevated command shell on the target machine.
Please refer to the Remedies section of this page.

b. Resources. rdp-install.

This method can be used on a machine without network

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