Dimo 8K Player 4.1.0 Crack _BEST_ ♛

Dimo 8K Player 4.1.0 Crack _BEST_ ♛


Dimo 8K Player 4.1.0 Crack

The Dimo 8K Player is compatible with any 8K monitor, projector and produces stunning 8K footage with a resolution that is six times greater than 1080p HD. Specially made for 8K content, Dimo 8K Player is the easiest way to capture, edit, play and share 8K HD footage.Packed with the most powerful video and image processing tools available, Dimo 8K Player is a high performance tool for capturing and playing content in 8K resolution.

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Next, Dimo 8K Player 4.1.0 Crack combines the power of a PC and the ease of a tablet to put the full power of an 8K monitor or projector right in the palm of your hand. Dimo 8K Player is the only 8K viewer that supports Live Playback for fast and easy playback and editing of 8K footage.

Capture and play locally
Capture 8K footage directly from a camera or a laptop using a Micro SD card, camera, or any storage device.

Capture instantly
Use the touch screen of a smartphone, tablet, or ultrabook to quickly and easily capture 8K footage right on the go with Dimo 8K Player.

Share at home or online
Slide the 8K content live on the 8K display of any computer or television, or on-the-go to share the 8K experience on any connected HD display.

How-to Record 8K Videography
Select the 10K profile, the 8K video is put on the top layer and then let it run. The 10K color effect actually helps the video to be more beautiful.

Description: Dimo 8K Player allows 8K video to be captured, edited and played locally on 8K monitors and projectors.

Quickly capture 8K footage with a Micro SD card or USB flash drive.
Use an iPad or a smartphone or tablet to capture and view 8K footage right on the go.
Create 8K clips, play them live on an 8K monitor or projector, or stream them online

Buy Dimo 8K Player 4.1.0 Crack and obtain full access to the menu system which lets you to start recording your 8K footage, control the camera settings, and capture the best 8K footage with your laptop or your 8K monitor or projector. And the best thing about this application is that the software is very simple to use because you can access all

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