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Javascript confirmation dialog box

  Javascript confirmation dialog box is used to display a message to the user for confirming something. Note: Confirmation dialog box gives two button “OK” and “Cancel”.… Read More

Javascript alert dialog box example

  Javascript alert dialog box is used to display a warning message to the users. Note: Alert dialog box gives one button “OK”. Example: <!DOCTYPE html> <html>… Read More

Javascript object program code

JavaScript is an Object Oriented Programming (OOP) language. Although JavaScript does not have any class, we can direct create JavaScript object. Everything in JavaScript is an object.… Read More

Javascript math object tutorial

Javascript math object: A JavaScript Math object provides no. of properties and methods for performing mathematical operations. Math is not a constructor and all the properties and… Read More

Javascript string object example

Javascript string object: A JavaScript String object represents a sequence of characters. How to create javascript string object: 1. By using string literals. 2. By using String()… Read More

Javascript boolean object example

Javascript boolean object: A JavaScript Boolean object can represents two values “true” or “false”. How to create javascript boolean object: 1. By using boolean literals. 2. By… Read More
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