Bootstrap package includes


Bootstrap is the most popular and powerful front-end framework for faster, easier, responsive and mobile friendly web development. Bootstrap uses HTML, CSS and JavaScript for various web and user interface components like Typography, Forms, Buttons, Tables, Navigations, Dropdowns, Alerts, Modals, Tabs, Accordion, and Carousel etc.

Bootstrap package includes:

Scaffolding: Bootstrap gives a fundamental structure Grid System, link styles, and background.
CSS: Bootstrap provides the features of global CSS settings, fundamental HTML elements style and an advanced grid system.
Components: Bootstrap provides lots of reusable components built to provide iconography, dropdowns, navigation, alerts, pop-overs, and much more.
JavaScript Plugins: Bootstrap also contains a number of custom jQuery plugins. We can easily include them all or one by one.
Customize: Bootstrap provides the customizable components. We can customize Bootstrap’s components, LESS variables and jQuery plugins to get our own style.